the OM in home.

hOMe hOMe hOMe.
I’m almost eight months in LA going strong.
I love it here, and I can’t really imagine living anywhere else.
Mostly because of the all hour taco trucks…
But there has been a lot of awesome unfoldings…

Love my apartment. Great location.
I ride my bike around like 70% of the time.
I’m in the best shape of my life and getting stronger everyday!
NutMeg just turned three years old and is cuter than ever!
Screen Shot 2019-10-14 at 11.53.51 AM.png

I’ve landed two sweet, weekly teaching jobs. One with the Community School at Coburn (pretty much the Juilliard of the West) and 24th Street Theatre (a professional theatre with an neighborhood intention). Both places I get to focus on teaching theatre through devising, and there is a lot of room for clown play. The kids are all awesome, and I have been learning a lot as a teacher, mostly due to larger class size!

My summer teaching tour went awesomely. Two week long camps in two swell communities. This year, I expanded to do the Variety Show in Willow Creek. It was a big success. And Lucy Shelby came along for the ride, and co-taught with me in Applegate. The kids are awesome. And it just feels so good to camp for two weeks and swim naked in rivers!

I’ve sold my land in Lake Arrowhead, and in the process of selling the bus. Still navigating through some imbalance with the county in the court system. Trusting that that’s all a part of something.

I’m hosting the odd month Mountain Variety Shows at the Tudor House. Next one November 15th & 16th. They’ve been gaining great momentum and I am really glad to have a comedy partner (Kevin) in the endeavor. Coming up on shows number 9 & 10!

I’ve been connecting with a wonderful community of generative performers that align with or compliment my offerings. It’s really nice to have a community of collaborative artists ready to play.

I was featured in the article with Voyage LA
I wrote this poem “The Spoken Token”

I’m helping manage a community arts space called Silver Park Arts.  Where I’ll be hosting a monthly open mic, open house called “Anything Goes” — a cross pollinating place for artists of all kinds to share their work! October 15th 7p-10p.

This holiday season in LA, I am producing “the Elf Experience” (December 16th-29th). It will be a family friendly immersive theatre, pop-up elf town complete with a makers faire. I will do an expanded version of the elf show I created last year at Santa’s Village. I will also sell A. Jolly Elf’s story as children’s book!
Screen Shot 2019-10-14 at 11.25.29 AM
Love life is made of wonderful vivid dreams of my river love, been hanging with a nice fella who lives my neighborhood, and enjoying dating whoever whenever I feel like it. Been exploring ways to navigate different kinds of romantic relationships simultaneously…

Mostly having fun and feeling super happy about how everything is unfolding.
I’d say it’s magical, but it’s really just my long wished upon dreams presenting in reality. All feels like the right things at the right time.
Mostly, it feels like coming hOMe sweet hOMe in Hollywood/Haileywood.


the OM in home.

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