Welcome to Haileywood

So much has happened in the last two months. WOW!
It’s amazing how quickly things change when it is time for them to change!
I had a wonderful visit in KC— although I still haven’t quite warmed up from being the Polar Vortex. It was so cold! 
I have slept many bus nights with temperatures sometimes dropping below freezing— 
but just stepping outside in KC was like “hell no, I’m never going outside again.” 
It’s a different kind of cold in the Midwest that on a mountain in SoCal. 
It’s more of a bone chilling, soul sucking cold in the plains. 
Good vibes to ya’ll as you continue to enjoy March snow storms, brought you by the rain storms of California.

Speaking of snow storms, Lake Arrowhead has been getting hit with so many!
This would not be a possible winter for me to live in the bus full time. 
It would have been a little too close to “Into the Wild” for my personal comfort… 
So… Can I get a “Hailey-lujah, thank you Jones-us” for landing a SWEET studio apartment in the heart of Hollywood?

Life in the city has been really a treat. I’ve never lived in a city this big before.
It was a little bit of a bumpy ride to get here, but bumps can be fun! Bumps help a greater appreciation emerge for when it’s smooth sailing.
It took two weeks for heat to get turned on and it’s been really funny trying to get internet activated. 
I’ve been laughing at the timing of it all. It’s like I’m being slowly initiated back into “normal” society, i.e. non-off grid life. 
But, you know what they say, “You can take the girl out of the bus, but you can’t take the bus life out of the girl.”
Regardless of what anyone says, especially they, life is great and I’m stoked about existence. 
And I can see the Hollywood sign from my rooftop and the Paramount water tower can be seen by looking down my street. 
And I have a bike and can go places so easily!

My inner child is joyously singing, “squeedle squeedle squeedle dee— It’s so fun to be Hailey!” 
And when your inner child is singing and all the past versions of yourself are leaping joyously, you know you’re doing something right.
Now, many of you have asked, what’s going on with the bus? 
Currently, it’s still sitting on my land, just chillin’ (literally because it’s been so f***ing cold). 
It could move, get sold, or fly away taking small children on field trips of their wildest dreams— any of those things could happen. 
All I know is that the bus was there to help facilitate a transition for me. And that happened, so something else is bound to as well.

And that’s how dreams become reality, folks. 
You take strange leaps that have you living off grid in a school bus working as an elf in a small town theme park…  
Then after a year and a half, you find yourself living in Hollywood realizing that all the visions you’ve held dear all your life are actively coming true everyday. And it’s all just happy-ing. 
Happy-ing Ever After. :0)
Stay tuned— that’s not the end of the story. It’s HAPPYING, after all, and “ING” means action.
Welcome to Haileywood

4 thoughts on “Welcome to Haileywood

  1. Xinyan Huang says:

    Again, Loved your show tonight 🙂

    Hope you don’t mind if Alex and I follow you around to heal our stage fright 🙂

    Alex & Yan
    (The two 😂 laughs the loudest in your show tonight)


    1. Alex & Yan! Thank you for your laughter.
      I certainly welcome it, as I want that much laughter at every show I ever do!
      I’ve got a children’s show coming up this holiday season– you’ll have to come see that!
      Lots more physical comedy (much more developed!).
      thank you!


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