Always Myself…

I’ve spent the last several months venturing in and out of depths life as a Hailen…
It’s been a deeply personal, introspective process– which is why I’ve been pretty unable to update in this form over last FOUR months. Yikes.
There has been much to learn and many ways to expand, but at the core I am always myself and I love all that I am. SELF LOVE IS ESSENTIAL, ya’ll.


Anyway, the time is now and a BLOG now to ya’ll shall be sent!

This summer was very busy:
+ Sold my house in Kansas City in June, it’s still “in the family” and fully functioning as the Circus!
+ Created and performed in a couple Mountain Comedy Shows. They were successful and a great learning opportunity.
+ Taught three theatre camps: Lake Arrowhead, Willow Creek, and Jacksonville. Love doing these camps!
+ Saw four Cubs games in the following cities LA, San Diego, Chicago, Kansas City. Great fun!
+ Completed two improv classes at Groundlings, currently enrolled in a third. Challenging and a powerful way to learn.
+ Connected to some “soul sisters” thru some online temple work– much deepening into my feminine wisdom and role as healer.
+ Did a online meditation immersion that helped demote my overly present inner critic, which lead to the creation of the the unfiltered and raw August Poem Series.
+ Explored dark depressing depths in order to connect with soul shifting light! — as expressed thru Poem Complex.

I am grateful to be present with this seasonal change and be on this SoCal mountain where the transition into Autumn can actually be felt + smelt in the morning air.

It feels nice to be in the time of letting go, so that one day new things can grow again.

Last week, when I tried to write this blog entry… This little story emerged, celebrating the exchanges of last year around this time. “Fall Remembrance by Hailey Jones.” I liked reconnecting to the feeling this times magic thru these words.

What a year it’s been… It was a little over a year ago that I packed up my Prius to move out into my modern day gypsy wagon, a converted school bus. Leaving a wonderfully functioning five bedroom home to a 240 square foot space. LEAPS OF FAITH! (here is a video tour of the Magic Bus)

Living in the bus isn’t always easy either. It’s a whole lifestyle to commit to– having to bathe + launder in the generous homes of others, there was no internet or cell reception for six months, county confronting me because apparently it’s illegal to camp on your own land, wtf? — — Despite the challenges, everyday I am more and more grateful for this unique home. It has taught me so much about myself, trusting the process, knowing when to ask for help, allowing myself receive from the community, and, of course, simplicity-simplicity-simplicity (if you say it three times you invoke the spirit of Thoreau).
At the heart, what I’ve learned is that regardless of how you live your life personal dreams don’t unfold solely with drive of one’s own ambition — it takes a community of others to also believe in that individual for those dreams to wholly unfold..

Currently, I feel a profound sense of balance occurring in my life. I can feel the potency of the path I am on, and am feeling in deep alignment with patience as each step brings greater clarity to where I am, where I came from, and where I am going. This beautiful tapestry of life is so perfectly woven, every thread informing the next, every piece important, nothing thrown away or wasted… Sometimes the occasional snag, illuminates the unseen details of the precision required when weaving a conscious path.

In short, all is now well and as it should be!

Thanks for being a witness to my journey.
Always Myself…

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