Seriously Buszarre.

Two months since an update, and I’m wondering if you’re wondering how things have been? In Hailey’s world of make believe you’ve all at least had the passing thought…
Maybe it’s something about being 28.5…
Or the recent plot twists and curve balls I’ve been thrown lately…
Or perhaps it’s the inspiring dynamic with the boyfriend…
If I’m not on my toes, the rest of my feet are touching the ground— Thankfully.My perspective has been shifting, and like your favorite Pokemon you just gave candy to, I am evolving!


After a series of seriously bizarre tribulations, I am officially selling my house in Kansas City! I am trying to do this in a way that supports the continuation of my Airbnb, as there are investors currently mulling over the idea! If they don’t follow through, the house will be on the market in the next couple of weeks!

My Kansas City visit was mostly odd, but allowed me to address a lot of important things and drop in with some really special people. Being back affirmed that moving to California has been the best choice I’ve ever made for myself.

Upon my return to California, I did a comedy intensive at Second City in LA— where in six days we wrote, memorized, performed a forty-five minute Valentines’ Day Revue.  Someone taped it, so if you’d like to watch it, I’d love to get your feedback! (I solo wrote four of the sketches, then collaborated a few of the others— fun game! Guess which ones I wrote!)

The experience was very positive. And further affirmed my desire to be more active in generating and performing comedy in the coming years.

To do that… I’m gonna need to move closer to LA!

There is no real timeline on when these things will occur. I feel good about the direction, and all will unfold as it should! Taking inspired action!

Upon my return to the mountain, I received two different calls regarding teaching opportunities. I was referred through recommendations from various members of the community. That’s pretty rad!

It’s been cold as snowballs in the bus. That’s probably because it has been snowing. My little wood stove does good up to a certain point of cold, then I gotta use the propane stove (which is hella pricey). I love being here, the stillness and rustic nature of it all. But, I do look forward to living somewhere where I will have enough running water to bathe in my own home… although then I will miss my composting toilet because it’s the coolest way to shit! My bus can be my mountain home, that I imagine I will still visit frequently.

Pondering​s​ of Bus Isolation:
If there was no “I”, would there still be a problem? And if there was still a problem, could it be resolved? Being selfless is removing the ego from the situation. There are situations where things need to be addressed, shifted, changed— the personality can often sabotage the situation, thus inhibiting the work from getting done easily.It would be great if we could discuss differences without creating separation.

How well do we ever know someone? A friend of many years walk away in an instant, when seemingly  strangers can lift you up and hold you tight through heartaches. In this, perhaps we should honor the impulsivity in enjoying our relationships when they are available for us. This would enhance our everyday appreciation for the people who show up in our lives. This is also a mark for gratitude in honoring the being we wake up next two in the morning. I’M SO GRATEFUL YOU ARE HERE!

Honoring your word is one of the most important principles when it comes to respecting yourself and others.

What happens when we can see love in every thing we encounter? Someone walking away, a mark of love (for themselves or you). Gas stations, a mark of love (they exist so we can get to the things we love). Can we fill the world with more love by seeing love in everything? Can we find more harmony and compassion in our actions and that of others? Can we find the source of why certain actions feel to be the void of love?

Believing  in someone’s experience, whether or not you believe in for yourself, is a true mark of love.

The most passionate love, the kind of love where all points meet (communication, humor, sex, love languages all in perfect alignment), might not be the most practical love.
There might be a time where practicality transcends the soul’s passion.

(this thought is a mark of death to much of my internal existence)

The more you commit to love, the more you grow.

       Hailey Jones
Seriously Buszarre.

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