Mountain Times: Read all About it!

It has been a busy couple of weeks on the mountain. So much so, that the stillness and intense feelings of isolation of my arrival are now a distant memory.

In Bus News!

I had my first guests at the Magic Bus! Some Dell’Arte alumni popped up from down the hill and stayed for two wonderful nights. Per bus overnight guests tradition, everyone brought a unique to them magnet. They also filled the bus with jokes, laughter, and lovely exchanges of life. Turns out the bus hosts six people for dinner and sleeping comfortably. It’s also much warmer the more bodies are in here.

The stove finally arrived, but it was not possible to locally locate pipes for it’s tiny ventilation hole. So, they too had to be ordered from online. They are supposed to arrive this week, and install will happen as soon as they arrive!

Nut and I were lucky to be able to house sit for a few days last weekend. My Thanksgiving was sitting and watching all of season 2 of Stranger Things.  The next day, I also did not get off the catch catching up on various shows. The weekend, I was fairly productive in handling business stuff online… But overall, it made me realize that I am very grateful not to have internet or reception in the bus— as I meditate/sleep deeper and use my life energy way more productively (i.e. writing!)

Nut and I have been back to roughing the cold for the last couple of nights. We have a little propane heater that’s assisting in keeping us warm— but it GOBBLES propane like many of you gobbled turkey on Thanksgiving—NO MERCY! So, I don’t leave it on all the time cause it ain’t cheap— and even though I have a window open, I still worry about it winning the battle with oxygen or setting my blankets on fire. Death by heater, no thank you!

Ah, good times.

In “Work” News!

Now unfolding is the dynamics of navigating within a new creative environment.

I am very, very grateful to have found a place where my elf like spirit thrives!

A place where the lines are blurred to if you are pretending to believe or truly do believe.

I’m learning about:
stepping up, without stepping on.
entertainment meeting art.  (or for me ART meeting entertainment)
invoking village camaraderie (through special handshakes and mystery letters)
I’ve been writing songs for the shows, creating silly bits, and having a wonderful time.

It’s literally been Christmas everyday since November 9th, and I am so glad about that.

Having this job has not only been good for me creatively, but also for my social life. I’ve met a couple friends that are totally rad. Sometimes we all go ice skating after work together, hang out at pub chatting, or hatching up creative + yoga plans around town.

I finding my people! And I’m so glad!

In Other News!

Had a lovely Sunday Thanksgiving in the Little Log Cabin (Aunt Emily + Uncle Tom’s home). Last year, I was in Peru for Thanksgiving, so it was nice to celebrate with Family!

I am helping out at the community theatre with their production of the Christmas Carol. This is a part of a ploy in trying to find the other actor/creators here on the mountain. I want to get some children’s theatre happening as well as will need some assistance in reading this new script once it’s completed.

Possibility of my coming back to KC in late January thru mid February for theatre work… but we will see. Gotta follow the strongest momentum and I am not exactly sure what that is right now! Taking it as it comes, but prepared for how it goes. And enjoying every moment of it. California has been home in my heart for a long time, glad it’s now home to my body!

*victory dance! oh yeah!*

Mountain Times: Read all About it!

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