Bus Life: “The S Way”

Greetings Everyone!

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks in bus land…
Well, as exciting as it can be in a bus with one woman and her tiny dog.


The water tank, pump, hot water heater, and sink have all been installed.
The composting toilet is in full action— someday in the near future I will be growing flowers out of my own shit. And then, I can say to all those who see them, “Look, beautiful things do grow out of your own shit!” :0)

I painted murals in the front and the back. Built a sweet table and have been organizing the space a lot. It’s really nice to be creating a home that can take me anywhere…

The only major thing missing is the wood burning stove. It was supposed to arrive last week, but it was sent to the wrong address, so now there is no telling when it will arrive. In the meantime, NutMeg and I will do our very best to keep each other warm & ALIVE! (It’s been getting into the mid-thirties at night!)
And I still need to figure out how to continually solar power my mini-fridge. Then how to do some small things like hang the thermal curtains, construct countertops, build wheel well covers, and secure everything for my eventual take off. Then we’ll be ready to roll (in the Spring perhaps?).

BUT WHERE is it that I want to go? What is that I’d want to do?

Today, I spoke with a dear friend who reminded me that uncertainty IS a part of the journey. And that’s what makes it great is seeing it unfold.

Yesterday, a family member reminded me that even though I might not be exactly playing out my DREAM, DREAM right now— but, this time is not wasted, because I am learning valuable, valuable skills in learning to live “off the grid”.

I’m in the process of living the  “simplicity, simplicity, simplicity” that Thoreau spoke about. Living in a smaller space is rad!

I’ve have decided to stay up here for the winter, I’m going to “on Walden Pond” it— doing it the “S Way” cause that’s the name of my street. Funds are low and I don’t think winter will be quite as intense as I previously believed it would be, but heck! I could be wrong and this story is about to go all live action update “Into the Wild” on ya’ll.


I applied for a job. In fact, I do believe that the most adult thing I’ve ever done is update my resume AND write a cover letter for a job as a Christmas Elf. I could jingle on and on about how great that would be!

Had my first LA audition, which just felt super cool. It was for an improv class at the Groundlings. I’m not sure how I’ll navigate taking a class twice a week in the city (a friendly couch rotation perhaps)— but it’d be rad to get into a generative flow with people who know what to do with “characters” like me!

I wrote a poem this week. Here is my sharing of it!

Speaking of characters, here’s Nut & I for Halloween. We’re “movin’ right along”.
But one questions still remains: “Man or a Muppet?”

Happy Belated Halloween and Happy November, everyone!

Also, a BIG thank you to everyone who has called, emailed, commented on a post… It’s motivating to keep sharing when I know people are appreciate and/or are inspired by the sharings!

Bus Life: “The S Way”

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