As a Pioneer Woman…

Two and a half weeks ago, I jammed packed my Prius Covered Wagon and headed for the Western Frontier. As I backed away from my house, my friends cheered, “YAY! YOU’RE FOLLOWING YOUR DREAMS!!!” I smiled, waved, and I drove off into the setting sun with a massive storm on my tail as my blessing.

As a pioneer woman, it is now my time to settle into a life that paves the way for true love find me— in all it’s many expressions (i.e. in a partner, creative + healing arts, a way of life in general, and so on).  It is now my time to live in an environment that is filled the promise of possibilities that express themselves as probabilities that actively become realities! (yeah, read that again, then say it five times fast!)

It took me a day and a half to get to Northern California. And it felt like a leisurely drive! :0)

For the first week, I set up camp in a small town, one with rolling mountains and pine trees. The fresh morning air waking everyday me with its gentle kisses and filling me with gratitude to a way of being that revives my soul. During this week, I relax into the sweet sensation of peace of the heart + mind, regardless of circumstance. Each day I arrive and arise into a pretense and availability I that have not known before. I quickly step into courage and faith in the unknown: surrender and allow the magical mystery to unfold. This first week, my life feels like a movie— perhaps a romantic comedy or heroic tale of adventure? Regardless of the theme, it is vibrant and exciting!

The second week, I venture through small towns in NorCal, feeling out where I could create theatre things, be that shows, camps, programs, etc. Then I journey to SoOre to visit my beautiful friend Wisteria, her sweet newborn, and her honey in their little love nest. Then I explore love and the land a little more before heading to my bus in SoCal.

At the start of the third week, I arrive at my bus in the mystical mountain meadow. It is dark and 44 degrees! The drive was eight hours, and the last part was very curvy. I walk into the bus, which is very uneven on the earth, which is very disorienting. I have the thought, “Hailey, what if you don’t like living on a bus?” This is the first time I have asked myself this question, which is hilarious to me. I think things through in a very odd way. I quickly put this thought and myself to bed. I slept very cozily with my down comforter on my new mattress!

Nut and I have been really enjoying the simplicity of this new life. Right now, it’s elevated camping— but soon it’ll be the perfect home for a gal and her pup. The bus is all active with solar power. And today, my Uncle Tom installed the stove and oven. Soon there will be a water holding tank and a sink! And I set up Christmas lights over my bednook, so after the sun sets the end of my bus is cheerfully illuminated. And without internet or cell reception, this isolated experience has allowed me to dive deep into those voices in my head that have been talking for awhile. I’ve started writing a script of some kind! It’s been a long time since I’ve written in this way, and that feels really good. I’m also enjoying the intensity full moon as I reflect on all that is shifting and has shifted in my world.

In a month or so, I’ll have to move the bus off the mountain. Winter here will be too extreme for bus living. Where to go next? What to do? I’ll need to find paying work sooner rather than later. And I have no idea what any of that looks like. So, HERE I AM. And here is a part of there and I’m still going there. But I have arrived here! Yippee!

This journey to settling is very unsettling, as there is still so much to be pieced together. However, I am patient and trusting as the bigger picture of this new book of my life unveils itself.

Thanks for all the support and love. ❤

And for a recent video update of my newest song: We Will Meet Again!


As a Pioneer Woman…

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